About Us

Who Are We?

A certified healthcare startup principally focused on Health Education. Established in 2020, we specialise in turnkey implementation of expert-led educational programmes.

As a prestigious training house with several affiliated instructors, we seek to address the emergent need to develop and retrain healthcare professionals. With years of experience in clinical practice and teaching, our team hopes to build a holistic cause at the intersection of health and education.

What Do We Offer?

Our courses, consultancy and other services are not only for medical professionals but all those who would benefit from such skills and knowledge.

Our specialisation is in the transformation of behavioural paradigms, tailoring nutrition strategies to individual needs and addressing intricate psychological aspects related to profound depression in individuals afflicted by chronic illnesses.

We also actively engage in public health and behavioural-economics research.

Our systematic frameworks are enriched with marketing insights for the introduction of innovative products.

Our tailor-made onsite and online wellness courses for individuals and groups provide fundamental training in basic and applied medical matters.

Our Future

With follow-on investments, from government and private stakeholders like pharmaceutical industries, we hope to expand our impact and partners across various training and patient-care institutions.

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Aim & Objective

Our mission is to educate, train, and enhance the existing knowledge and skill sets of both medical professionals and all those who are interested in healthy living.

We aim to empower individuals and organisations by promoting healthy habits and cultivate new behavioural skills to prevent and manage chronic diseases effectively.

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Our Mission

We seek to provide affordable health-related services and products to sustain the art of healthy living.

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Our Vision

Foster an empowered community to make appropriate choices which preserve wellness and manage illness.

Our Strength

The company is founded and run by established professionals associated with healthcare practice in different forms and capacities.

Our Offering

Meta Logo


The Pali word METTA has two root meanings.

The first is that of gentle rain. Rain that does not select or discriminate on whom it falls.

Metta is also a term that refers to one of the 10 perfections of Buddhism. In Buddhism, lists are curated, following which, one can reach perfection. The first four virtues are "benevolence," "love," "friendship" and "kindness".

Together, Metta means to care for one another without judging them, and to accept them independently of agreeing or disagreeing with them, without wanting anything in return.

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Drawing on the world-class expertise of the academic-clinicians, scientists and qualifed educators, IGNITE offers a variety of educational activities and learning methods based on the setting, identified needs, desired results and learning styles of the target audience from a world in which promotion of population health can only be advanced through the lifelong process of education.

The content is evidence-based, references best practices supported by scientific literature and guidelines, and is free of commercial bias, from which the learners will acquire new knowledge and improve skills and attitudes to increase clinical competence and/or improve performance with the ultimate goal of improving patient care, safety, and health outcomes.

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Our extra package of specialized services

We have a team of professionals who have the prolific proficiency to compose:

Accurate Medical content, mind blowing blogs and sensational press releases
Clinical & Research oriented development plans and Protocols in accordance to the compliance with the regulatory standards
Pharmacovigilance documents and allied information reports
Specific or General common technical documents (CTD or eCTD)
Applied sections of new drug
applications (NDA)
Abstracts, manuscripts and
ournal articles
Investigator brochures and annual updates
Informed consent forms
Interesting Clinical study